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Anyone up for a pullsports workshop? [Oct. 19th, 2011|10:26 pm]


(X-posting) to dfwdogs, thedogcommunity

I'm currently putting together a list of interested parties for a 'intro to pulling sports' workshop that will run in December or January here in Dallas- location to be determined. While any proceeds are going to go to TX Husky rescue, this workshop will be for all breeds, but limited to dogs 12 months and older.

We'll be covering the various different types of pulling sports, including carting/drafting, bikejooring, scootering, sledding, , and weight pull, the different types of things that dogs need to learn for each sport, as well as covering fitting and introducing equipment, and introducing each dog to the basic skills sets.

Registration will be in the neighborhood of $75 and include lunch and a multi-purpose training harness.

Any interest? :)