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(no subject) [Apr. 16th, 2008|10:07 am]

This is the scary mandatory spay/neuter legislation we are fighting in Dallas right now. If this passes and goes to surrounding cities as well, it will have a DEVASTATING impact on the German Spitz in the US, as 2 of the 5 active breeders in the US are located here. We do not yet have a breed club at all, let alone one with a COE.

If you live in Dallas, or even if you just love dogs, please write to the Dallas city council and protest this law!

Permission given to cross post.
This article is written by Joyce Miller of Dallas, Texas. Be sure to read
the last line a second time.

Right now, animal rights people have fanned out across the country to make
what got tabled in California happen city by city, town by town, state by
state. The approach is to local animal services organization; the agenda is
new animal laws that will have a startling effect on our ability to enjoy
our dogs. The AR volunteers work within the animal services in city after
city, town after town, to get a proposed law put together that is extreme to
say the least, and they can do all of this within animal services without
worrying about open meeting laws. After all, the AR people are simply
volunteers helping the staff. By the time a community gets any inkling that
these laws are about to hit the stage, it's just about too late to stop
them. At the most, people try to get some of the most severe terms relaxed.

Right now, there is a law proposed in Florida to make collecting animal
semen illegal.

Now that I have your attention, let me share with you what is currently
being recommended in Dallas, what Animal Services and the
City Council are assuming will be law by the end of the month, and to date,
nothing in the local newspapers, the local news programs, or
even a copy of the actual proposed law. Unlike San Antonio, the previous
last city to fall to these tactics, the AKC kennel club registered in
Dallas, the Texas Kennel Club, has hired an animal lawyer to help them fight
this legislation. But to date, without any news coverage, very few residents
know what is about to happen and how it will affect their enjoyment of their

1. Pet limits. Dallas has never had limits on the number of pets a
resident may own. As with most communities, there are plenty of laws
on the books that can handle households that have too many pets that
are creating a neighborhood nuisance or constituting cruelty to
animals. Under the proposed new laws, the limit will be either five or
six pets (no one seems able to get a consistent reading on the
number). That is dogs, cats or combination in a single family home.

2. Mandatory spay neuter by four months of age. Owner of unspayed or
unneutered dogs and cats over 4 months of age commits an offense if
the owner does not have a Breeder Permit issued annually for each
individual animal. (Only dog and cat show breeders qualify for this
permit). Owner cannot have a say in their dog being put under
anesthesia, being made a perennial puppy by losing the hormones needed
for balanced growth of body and mind, etc.

3. Breeder permits/licenses (and the only article that has mentioned
anything about this law was a quote by the acting director of animal
services, a man who has won an award of some kind of merit from PeTA:
in that article, this man stated that he would not allow any breeder
permits in residential neighborhoods). So what will a breeder license
look like in Dallas if the law is passed without changes. It appears
that there will be:

A. Breeder permit/license to keep an intact dog or cat. Breeders
can apply to Animal Services for a breeder permit/license. Such
applications must be approved by the director of Animal Services.

B. Each dog or cat approved for a permit must be registered with
a national registry (approved by the animal services director) AND
whose owner is a member of a purebred dog or cat club (also approved
by the animal services director). The club must have a code of ethics
restricting breeding dogs and cats with genetic defects and life
threatening health problems for approval.

C.The breeder permit will be $500 annually for EACH intact
animal; the animal's license will be an additional fee.

D. This permit will not be available to any other pet owner. And
as mentioned above, it is unlikely that the current Animal Services
administration will allow any of these permits/licenses in residential
neighborhoods. This means that sports people, performance people, SAR
people, hunting people will have to have their animals neutered.

E. Anyone who gets a breeder permit agrees that Animal Services
has the right to send in someone to make unannounced inspections of
their premises at any time and the breeders must admit them.

F.. No one else can legally breed animals in Dallas.

4. No tethering of any dogs if the owner is not present.** (This is the primary means of confinement in the areas worst-affected by the stray dog problem- South Dlalas & Oak Cliff- VERY poor, primarily rental neighborhoods. I would rather see a dog tethered than allowed to run loose.)**

5. Confined dogs must have crates or runs or pens that meet
confinement requirements of 150 feet pen size per dog

6. Foster Care Providers must obtain a form from the director to apply
for a permit (notarized by the legal owner and one occupant of the
dwelling unit) to keep up to 10 dogs, cats or any combination which
authorizes unannounced inspections of premises and this permit must be
approved by the director.

When I first read these proposed ideas, I thought that they were
making them so outrageous so they would have wiggle room in order to
reduce things like the permit fee for breeders etc. But given the fact
that hearings are going into their second week (only on Wednesdays),
there has been no media coverage, and proponents are saying that they
expect these to be law by the end of the month, I suspect that the
final law could be quite close to what is outlined above.

The first that I heard about it was in March, and I heard about it
from two people who are very involved with the kennel club and with
getting people to attend hearings. No cost assessments/analyses have
been done. Animal Services is currently underfunded, and the mayor has
made it clear that there will be no increase in their funding for
these laws.

So, here we are discussing different ways of training, recognizing the
work that goes into having an obedience or agility champion, knowing
what the dogs need maturity to participate in any serious sport or
work, and all the while, across the country, more and more of these
laws are becoming law with little or no fanfare.

Here in Dallas, the proponents are saying that this will solve the
problem of loose dogs breeding randomly, but the only people that will
be caught up are the residential breeders whose dogs never run loose
and never breed randomly. With the requirement that a breeder belong
to a breed club approved by animal services, this is also meant to do
away with mixed breeds.

Do, please, check out what may be happening in your city or town, and
be ready to fight for your right to decide when and if your dog will
be neutered, the right of careful breeders to breed to their breed
standards, etc. Dallas breeders and animal lovers are making a valiant
effort, and they are grateful for the help of the Texas Kennel Club,
but this is very, very serious. And it sounds like it will come to a
city or town near you.

For more information, go to http://www.responsiblepetowners.org/Action_Alerts/action_alerts.html
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GREAT dog event tomorrow - Cole Park! [Mar. 15th, 2008|11:22 pm]

Tomorrow at Cole Park (From 75, Exit Fitzhugh and go east to Cole; make a left onto Cole (1 way) and go a block), from 12:30-4PM, Paws in the City is having their first annual PAW SUNDAY event! Featuring dogs for adoptions, games & contests, and an APDT rules rally show N go, this event should be a total blast! Bring your kids, furry and otherwise, and check it out!
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(no subject) [Feb. 25th, 2008|12:44 pm]

APDT Rules Demo & Walkthrough at
1st Annual Paw Sunday
March 16, 2008 to benefit Paws In The City
Cole Park - 1PM-4:30PM
Level 1/2 Courses available
Directions to Cole Park http://tinyurl.com/3723ae
The runthroughs will be unscored, but it should be a GREAT opportunity to practice in a busy environment with standard ring conditions! $5 for 1 run or $10 for 3- proceeds to benefit Paws In The City, a metroplex all-breed rescue group.
Other activities include dogs for adoption, vendors, contests, and more!

Need more info? Email Cait at trainsdogs@gmail.com
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(no subject) [Feb. 20th, 2008|04:26 pm]

WOO! Pending APDT sanction, the Dogstar Academy Rally Weekend is ON.
Dallas's FIRST APDT Rally Trials!

May 31-Jun 1 - Dallas, Texas
4 trials, 3 levels, 2 days
Hope Schemling & Pam Sheehan judging.
Entries open March 1st
$23 first entry & $20 second entry of same dog
Comment or email trainsdogs@gmail.com for a copy of our premium list.

APDT Rally is open to ALL dogs regardless of breed - more information at http://apdt.com/po/rally/default.aspx
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Cross posted in the DFW community [Feb. 15th, 2008|01:47 pm]

Someone there suggested I try to post this here, hopefully I'll have some luck!

Need help finding a home for a friends dogs.

Don't get me started on how I feel about this, my personal belief is that when you get animals regardless of what they are, they are your family for life but I won't rant here since not everyone feels like I do... here goes:

I have a friend that just had a baby and has realized that her baby with her other 2 kids and her husband are a little much to have along with her 2 dogs. Ideally I would like (personally) for the dogs to go together to a good home. They are both fixed, I can find out if they are male or female but technically wouldn't they be considered its? lol... anyways, they are both labs, very beautiful and very playful dogs that get along wonderfully (why I want them to be together, some stability would be best because they are leaving their home). One is chocolate and one is blonde.

I desperately don't want to see them get sent to the pound just because there is 'too much going on' right now.

If you can't take them, if you know of any other ideas I'm very open to hearing them. They are in Plano. Thanks!
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Puppy Class - Park Cities, starting 9/28/07 [Sep. 19th, 2007|05:34 pm]

A Dogstar Academy puppy class is starting for puppies from 3 months to 6 months of age. This class will be located in the Park Cities area of Dallas.

The class will be held on Friday afternoons at 4PM and run for 1-1.5 hours with plenty of breaks to keep pups engaged. Tuition is $150 and there will be 8 sessions. Class will focus on intensive socialization and manners as well as foundation obedience skills- sit, down, coming when called, body handling, and loose leash walking. Class size is limited to four student/dog teams. There are currently two spaces available.

Call 214-289-9297, or email trainsdogs@gmail.com for details.
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new dog laws in texas [Sep. 13th, 2007|10:59 am]

This question spans Texas, not just DFW, but this seems like a good place to inquire.

A list I'm on circulated mention of an anti dog tethering law that passed this month. It reminded me that a lot of dog laws went into effect in September.

Anyone know where a list of them are online?

Specifically, I want to know about a pending bill that would allow individual municipalities to enact breed specific legislation, but it'd nice to be updated on everything while I'm at it.

x-posted to dfwtx
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Special Needs Pup needs good home.... [Sep. 12th, 2007|03:03 pm]

[Current Mood |hopefulhopeful]

While out at Rose Hill Cemetery in Denton, my parents believe they witnessed this little guy being abandoned. A white car stopped on the far side of the cemetery, then left very slowly, not so strange for a cemetery. However, A few moments later, they saw this little brown dot walking their way. My Mom started walking towards him and realized it was a small dog. Possibly a Chihuahua and Dachshund mix, he wore a cat collar on that was excessively tight. He was so frightened and stressed that he started yelping as if under attack as she neared him. The more she talked to him, the closer he came, peeing all over himself in the process.

They took him to all the houses in the area but no one new him. They were told that people drop dogs off out there all the time, it is all very sad. So they bought him a small cage, harness, and leash, took him home, and call him Radar.

Personality-wise Radar is just like any other puppy; he wants constant cuddles, plays, barks and seems very happy. IMPORTANT: Though he seems to recognize light, it does appear that he is MOSTLY blind: When they brought him home and put him in the grass, he started running into everything. Otherwise he seems very healthy. Eats well, sleeps well, has healthy stools from what they can tell. They haven't had time (or $) to take him to vet. This is Reason #1 why he needs to find a good home

Once introduced, Radar interacts well with other dogs and seems to believe that he too, is a big dog. They attach his leash to a post in the middle of the yard and he plays like any other pup.
He walks very well on a taught leash.

They have two very needy large dogs now, one of which can be territorial, and are unable to keep him. Radar will need lots of love and care. If you know anyone interested, please contact me via email. [the above login @ livejournal dot com]

So here he is:

Edit: As of 09/13/07 he is still available!
X-posted to wherever I find appropriate.
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dog rescues in dfw? [Jun. 30th, 2007|12:31 pm]

Does anyone know of dfw-ish dog rescues (all breed is fine / pit bull or lab if its breed specific) that does private surrenders? I've been googling my best, but nothing I can find takes private surrenders from the public.

If that fails, who has info on no kill shelters in the area?

For inquiring minds and doggie devotees: the motivation for this questionCollapse )
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Great Dane Rescue in TN? [Apr. 27th, 2007|08:37 am]

[Current Mood |crazycrazy]

I know you are all in Dallas Ft worth area. I need help wiht The TN part of my travels and if any of you know anyone in AR or TN that would be willing to Donate their time to drivig this Beautiful Dane I would be appreciateive
it is the weekend of the 12th and 13th that we need htis. Thanks a bunch again!!!

IF anyone can help me drive this dog to her forever home destination I would be forever Grateful. I would need someone to meet me in Memphis and drive to Knoxville. This is a Great Dane who is trying to get from Lawton OK to Norfolk VA We have a Driver from Knoxville to VA but no one in TN for the major drive through TN Please help if you can
Call 580-678-8996 and leave a messagewiht your name and Number an how far you would be willing to Drive her and I will contact you back
sincearst appreciations!!!
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