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Gone to the dogs!

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This is a community for people in Dallas that have dogs, take their dogs to events, the dog park, shows, etc. To exchange information like veterinary reccomendations, promote and support rescue efforts, but ALSO, just to meet other people with their dogs in the area.

And to share stories and pictures of our dogs, of course. ;)

If you have a breed that isn't listed in the interests, let me know!!! I tried to fit all of the AKC listed ones, but it said there were too many.

The Humane Society's Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic and Animal Wellness Center:

4830 Village Fair Drive
Dallas, TX 75224

Here is a list of DFW dog parks near you!!!

Looking for a pet? You can find lots of pets for adoption on petfinder.com. Also, the SPCA always has lots of cats & dogs for adoption!

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